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How Do You Get Started in Aerobatics?

Many people would love to fly, and once they’ve started taking lessons they start to develop an interest in more advanced flying. One of the most advanced types of flying is aerobatics.plane3

Of course it’s essential before undertaking any sort of serious advanced training that one undertakes a basic pilot’s licence. A significant amount of experience is required before starting to learn the more advanced skills such as aerobatics flying.

However when a pilot is ready to start learning more advanced skills such as aerobatics there are dedicated aerobatics flight schools available right across the country. In fact it surprising quite how many aerobatics schools there are.

If you’re interested in finding out more about aerobatics schools, and where they are located, click here

First it is recommended that you take a flight with an aerobatics qualified pilot. Whilst many pilots love flying they often find that the stresses of aerobatics are a little beyond them, and once having experienced aerobatics flying decide that it is not really for them.

It also requires a certain amount of physical fitness and good health, for instance when flying aerobatics there can be significant strain on the body through the positive and negative G forces which are exerted on the body by some of the manoeuvres.

Of course instructors understand this and should introduce students into aerobatics flying gradually until they get used to this. Continue Reading →

2 Of The Worlds Most Famous Air Shows, Farnborough and Paris

An airshow is a public event where pilots displayed both their flying skills as well as the abilities of various aircraft to the paying public. It’s a wonderful way for members of the public to find out more about a whole range of different aircraft and to witness fascinating demonstrations of how they fly and how well pilots can fly them.

Surprisingly there is actually a “season” for air shows, and in the US the season generally begins around March and goes right through to November. In Europe the airshow season starts around late April and finishes around the middle of October.

And of course other countries hold their airshows at different times depending on the country, however most Western countries hold at least one airshow.

Some of the more famous airshows held include the Farnborough air show in the UK. Here’s some footage from the most recent Farnborough airshow.

The Farnborough airshow is held over the space of a week and is not just a place for members of the public to see the latest aircraft and pilot demonstrations. The Farnborough airshow is also a place where manufacturers can exhibit their wares, including manufacturers of aerospace and defence industries. This is of course one of the major ways for manufacturers to sell their products. In fact the first 5 days of the show are closed to the public and are dedicated exclusively to trade demonstrations. The final two days of the airshow are the public days with the best flying events.plane1

Of course there is flying on all of the days as well as static displays of aircraft and various stands and exhibitions demonstrating the aircraft and other products available.

Normally the Farnborough airshow is held in the middle of summer in the UK, but is only held every second year, being on the even numbered years. This alternates with the Paris air show which is held every second year of the odd numbered years. Continue Reading →

The Pitts Special, One of the World’s Most Famous Aerobatics Aircraft

One of the world most famous aerobatics aircraft is the Pitts Special. It has won more aerobatic contests than any other type of aircraft.pitts2

The Pitts Special was designed and produced in 1942 in Jacksonville in Florida by Curtis H. Pitts, who obviously gave his name to the plane. It was powered by a simple 90 horsepower Franklin engine. Four 25 years it was only available to make at home, however had extraordinary aerobatic performance and by the early 1970s was commercially available with a much more powerful engine of 180 horsepower.
The planes were manufactured commercially from 1970 when a company known as Pitts Aerobatics was started in Wyoming. The first Pitts Special was the S-2A model which was produced at the factory in Wyoming, which was followed by the S-2B.

It is still in production today. Current versions of the plane are still produced in Wyoming and it is now available with a 200 horsepower motor as a single seater or with a 260 horsepower motor as a two seater variant. However they have been developed and produced with motors up to 450 horsepower.
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Top Tips on Making Enough Money to Buy an Airplane

Photo by Bob Cotter

Have you ever dreamed of flying? Most boys imagine themselves flying their own airplane. These days, pilots do not just fly for work, but also for recreation, such as in aerobatics. This is a type of advanced flying, which is done for dogfight training, recreation or sports. Aerobatics feature maneuvers not performed under normal operations. Before flying, it is essential that the pilot undertake advanced training for license. This is sort of a hobby for some fliers that some would go all out to buying their own aerobatic airplane, but it would be costly. Here are tips to help them make more money.

  • Find a second job. If you think you can still work on a second job, then do so. If not, look for a passive income. This is what could give you additional earning besides your regular job. If you have savings, you can invest it on something that would not take so much of your time. Visit this website and find out more about the best business opportunities in Australia.
  • Sell. Regardless if you are good in selling or not, this method of earning money is still advisable if you really want to purchase something. You can start by checking out your own stuff. Sell the items you do not need anymore but can still be used by others. You can offer them online or plan a garage sale. You may also become an online reseller, or consider finding opportunities on the web, such as becoming an affiliate marketer.
  • Use your skills. You can also find extra income in offering your service based on your expertise. You can tutor students, do repairs and teach musical instruments. These will depend upon your skills and the things that you want to do.
  • Cut your expenses. If you want to save money quickly for the airplane that you like, it is high time to cut your expenses. Stop buying the things you do not need and be a wise spender. Learn to keep a portion of your salary in the bank. Instead of eating at restaurants, why not prepare your own food, or cut entertainment and shopping expenses this time.

Saving money for something you want could be challenging especially if you are trying to buy something as expensive as an airplane. It might even cause you to sell something of value such as your car. If you are truly serious in aerobatics, you will find motivation to do everything you can just to source funds. Visit this website and learn about the latest tips, advice and news about personal finance and lending.