The Loop Breighton Beginners Event – The first Loop Day of the year hosted by Breighton Airfield looked seriously marginal as the cloud base only just managed to lift to 1500 feet – the bottom of the competition box for the beginner’s sequence. The 17kt gusting 28kt wind made its presence known by keeping the low cloud moving swiftly, albeit in the direction of the runway.

Tom Cassells in his Slingsly T67M, John Dixon in his Extra 300L and John Calverley in his Decathlon had very kindly brought their aircraft and were available for beginners sequence instruction. Eight pilots, all of whom were eager to gain some more aerobatic knowledge awaited an improvement in the weather conditions. An hour after the 9:30 briefing, John Dixon launched in the Extra to check the cloud base and to demonstrate a “low level version” of the sequence.

The Loop Breighton Beginners Event

The Loop Breighton Beginners Event

To be fair, he only came down to 800 feet at the lowest point, nowhere near the limit of his ability but far beyond the acceptable safety height for the beginners sequence. The only option was to send each of the entrants with their appointed instructor away from the airfield to try and find a hole in the cloud large enough to be able to perform the manoeuvres and receive some useful instruction. The judges stood down and stood around whilst the weather persisted. All of the pilots flew and returned for lunch.

Tantalisingly, some holes appeared in the lowest level of cloud in the overhead and a forecast for the wind to reduce by late afternoon was issued. However, the cloud stubbornly refused to lift above the bottom of the box. It became obvious that we were not going to be able to get any aerobatic action over the airfield.

We re-briefed and more flights away from the airfield were made, the final one being made above the continuous cloud. Standing around at an airfield awaiting weather improvements is a dull entry to the world of competition aerobatics but perhaps it is one that is best learned early on. As most of the entrants were also entered for the Beginners competition the following day, we called a halt after a final briefing.

Even with the lack of any box experience on the day, the general feeling was that flying with the instructors had been useful and enjoyable. That feeling is the same as you win a big betting from agen sbobet. I would like to thank our instructors, judges, scribes, scorer, the airfield staff, the kitchen staff and of course our patient yet frustrated contestants to be ….

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